Off the shoulder shirts – The casual sexy look

Flashdance off the shoulder shirtLoose-hanging cute off the shoulder shirts are one of the most sought after shirts for women at the moment.

In the 80′s almost every girl in the world either wore or wanted to wear one of these particular shirts.

Oversized sweat or t-shirts that are designed to fall just a little bit off the shoulder started out in dance studios in the U.S and then became even more popular when they were introduced in the classic 80′s chick flick “Flashdance“.

When you are shopping for shirts that hang off the shoulder (or shoulder tops as they also are called) you are looking for these things.

· How much does the shirt fall of your shoulder. Are you getting the right size? Almost all of these shirts are designed so that you can buy your regular size and it will fit nicely.

· Color or a flashy print? There are many different types of prints and colors available, although the best selling off the shoulder shirts are those with a single color.

· These shirts are best matched with a nice pair of blue jeans, but can also be worn with alot of other clothes, there is much room for you to use your imagination and be creative!

Off the shoulder shirts is still a major fashion statement

It has been years and these shirts are still trending like crazy! Just take a look in all of the music videos and nightclubs today.

In every major city in the world the off the shoulder top is represented by women and girls who want to look trendy, but at the same time laid back and chill.

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